XBox Modified with Larger Hard Drive 500 Gigs - Over 14,000 Games Including Popular Xbox Titles, Media Center & Coin Ops'8


Comes complete with a new controller and av cables and power wire....

SeattleRaps & Bill Blast Xbox's
Important note: if you need extra accesories such as cables, controllers, HD converter or a backup HDD please let me know the same day you purchase your console since I usually ship Quickly.

WARNING! you should never attemp to sign in to xbox live in these xboxs even if you are not connected to the internet this action could potentially remove the xbox softmod, if this happens you are gonna have to send me back your xbox to reinstall the softmod, you also going to be responsible for shipping cost both ways WARNING!

Most standalone emulators are set at 1080i resolution the maximun resolution an xbox can provide this makes old school games look amazing

Important note: some games might not support 1080i resolution but they still look great with component or hdmi cables

Please be aware 97% of the games are garantee to work the other 4% may have glitches or doesnt work at all

Up for sale is an amazing softmodded Xbox with a 500GB hard drive upgrade and 22,000 games with the most recent build of Unleashedx 2018

Included Software Selections are as follows- coinops 8 super massive gold which is also known as M.A.M.E (multi arcade machine and console emulator) hypervision, vision 5, it also contains the premium ninja massive emulator and much more, for more info about these names search the following words in youtube or send me a message:

T-Sop or "Softmodded original Xbox"

Every xbox has been throughfully clean from inside and out

The xbox Dvd drive rubberband has been replace with a new one

New thermal paste has been added

Clock capacitor has been removed

To maximize xbox longevity

All of my consoles include a 1 Year Warranty

WARNING! some sellers use, "Used" hard drives in their xboxs do not buy from them! they advertise these IDE hard drives as the best in the market but in fact these hard drives are the most unreliable, poor quality hard drives available and they fail very fast! I only use NEW hard drives. these hdd brands are use on computers as you may know using quality parts in the Xbox's and these hard drives are not the exception, if you want a reliable and long lasting 500gb xbox buy it from me

My Xboxs are HD capable. All of my xboxs are compatible with new HD tvs via component cables or HDMI convertesr (sold seperately) capable of displaying beautiful crisp images of up to 1080i.

I also have hdmi converters available for newer tvs for an extra fee/ please feel free to ask for more info


Console Upgraded with a 500gb Hard drive

ALLways 1 controller & AV n' Power - cables included

Controllers and other accesories available upon request for an extra fee, controllers in photos are for showing purposes

This Xbox contains over 22k games, please buyers contact me for more details

These xboxs are set to go with the unleashedx 2018 edition launcher a very easy, friendly and simplistic interface but with the same great games and emulators sometimes even more games than the competition.

the xboxs also include xmbc/Avalaunch & uEvolutionX, as a secondary launcher option located in the apps section for those who prefer that launcher

Returns accepted within 14 days, buyer will pay return shipping and there will be a 20% restocking fee.

WARNING! never attempt to connect your xbox to xbox live even if you are not connected to the internet this could damage your xbox

Important note: this xbox is fully loaded with games please feel free to contact me for any special Request or more details

Please be aware I cant garantee all games will work but the ones I have tested work great

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